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Spring through Summer 2021

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2-D Fiber

Twice a year, in October and in February, the Fine Art & Craft Sale takes place at Olbrich Botanical Gardens at 3330 Atwood Avenue in Madison Wisconsin. Artists in all media of Fine Art and Fine Craft are invited to apply to exhibit and sell at the event. Olbrich Gardens provides a beautiful setting with easy access to the general public to visit, enjoy and purchase fabulous and affordable artwork by a group of talented artists who jury into the show. The jury committee carefully selects work of high quality craftsmanship, uniqueness and creative expression from a wide range of media. Most artists are from Wisconsin or nearby states. Admission and parking are always FREE and we encourage visitors to bring family and friends.

At this time we are continuing our plans to go forward with our October 2021 show at Olbrich Gardens on October 23rd and 24th. Save those dates and plan on joining us. In the meantime, please visit our Featured Artists page, click on the button below their name to be automatically directed to their media page or contact information and help to support them!

If you wish to receive our postcard invitation by mail or our digital e-card invitation by email, please send a request to

Artists interested in applying for our juried upcoming shows can send a request to the same contact.

Due to COVID-19 and closures, the February 2021 show has been cancelled in its familiar format. HOWEVER, the list of accepted artists is posted both on our Featured Artists page and on our Facebook page with photos of their work and links to see more of their art and how to contact them. Despite the cancellations of most of the events in which they participate to sell their creations, they remain busy producing wonderful art work.