What to expect?

The Fine Art & Craft Sale event, welcomes everyone to enjoy a weekend of art, community, and creativity. Admission is entirely free, ensuring that art lovers of all backgrounds can immerse themselves in the captivating world of creativity. Conveniently offering free parking with additional free overflow parking just a short walk away near the boat ramp or playing fields. This event grants you the freedom to explore the artistic offerings of 40 skilled artists under one roof in two rooms. We kindly request that for artist-related inquiries and event information, you utilize our efficient online contact form. Come witness the extraordinary talent on display, and let the artistry enchant you without the need to contact Olbrich Gardens directly.

Our Mission

At the heart of our Fine Art & Craft Sale Event lies a commitment to fostering a vibrant intersection of artistic expression and community engagement. We strive to curate an immersive platform that showcases a diverse array of masterfully crafted works, celebrating the dedication, innovation, and passion of artists from various mediums. Through this event, we aim to inspire, connect, and enrich lives by nurturing an appreciation for the transformative power of art while supporting local talents and encouraging the acquisition of unique, original creations.

Madison Weavers Guild

Madison Handweavers is a committee of active members of the Madison Weavers Guild.  For over 35 years, members of the guild have organized and participated in art fairs as joint ventures with other area artist guilds until the venues were no longer available.  In 2014, Madison Handweavers moved the Fine Art & Craft Sale to Olbrich Botanical Gardens in Madison, WI in both Spring and Fall.  Our focus is not just on weaving, but on the various media artists use to create art, both functional and decorative. Several Madison Weavers Guild members participate in the event as well as artists from other area arts or fine craft guilds.  

In addition to the Fine Art & Craft Sale, the committee also assists with the Madison Weavers Guild Booth at Art Fair on the Square, held on the Capitol Square in Madison each year in July.  Guild members participate with their woven items for sale as well as outreach to attract new weavers and interested members to the guild.

The Weavers Guild was established in 1949 in Madison, WI.  The guild has continued to help people learn about the art of weaving  and discuss the challenges and joys of weaving and related fiber art.  All experience and interest levels are welcome!  Please visit the Madison Weavers Guild website for information regarding events, meetings, and becoming a member at  MadisonWeaversGuild.com